Company Profile

Company Profile

Qinisa Steel Solutions is:


  • A South African Level 2 BBBEE company, giving our customers 125% procurement recognition
  • A 57% black-owned business
  • Supported by 2 key strategic equity partners in Vunani Capital and BSI Steel Limited, both publically listed companies
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified


What we do


Value-adding to steel through targeting key growth sectors

  • Renewable energy in particular Solar Photo Voltaic
  • Rail – carriage and locomotive recapitalization
  • Assisting the manufacturing sector through strategic machinery investments


Steel Stocking and Trading through relationships with local and international steel mills and merchants, assisting

  • Mining and beneficiation
  • Transnet national steel supply
  • Construction and engineering sectors


What we have that differentiates ourselves from others

  • An excellent steel cost through sourcing direct from steel mills
  • In-house processing and manufacturing capacity
  • A lean and professional team, and the direct involvement of senior executives in all projects
  • Investment in cutting edge plant and equipment – resulting in improved processing efficiency and quality of our manufactured steel products
  • Strong emphasis on logistics and distribution

“Qinisa Steel Solutions focuses on securing infrastructure development projects in the Renewable Energy sector as well as within investments in mining, government and state-owned enterprises in South Africa. In this way we not only empower our partners and clients, we help grow the economy in a meaningful way creating jobs and economic opportunity”

Qinisa Steel Solutions adds value to steel for the following sectors:


Renewable Energy – Solar PV


Rail and Locomotive


General Engineering



At Qinisa we get very involved with our customers’ unique requirements and assist with tailoring
our processing and fabrication capabilities to customer’s needs.

Qinisa is a professional company with a quality
management system you trust.

Our strengths lie in:


  • Our steel processing capacities from decoiling, slitting, tube rolling and cold forming using mill-bought input coil
  • Laser-cutting, drilling, fabrication and hot dip galvanizing post primary processing
  • Project managing and quality controlling all aspects of the supply chain, until final delivery to site


Our new investments in an Adige LT fibre tube laser and Ficep drilling line from Italy will achieve:


  • Highest cutting quality and repeatable accuracy
  • Thin to medium wall thickness processing
  • Increased production speed on tubing and open sections
  • Material cutting capabilities include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and galvanized pipe


We are preferred suppliers to our customers because:


  • We are a professional company with a quality management system they trust
  • A Level 2 BBBEE local South African company that is >51% black-owned, offering our customers improved procurement scores
  • Our prices are competitive for all finished steel components
  • We are easy to do business with !