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Decorative/Office Furniture

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    Steel Services for the Furniture Industry


    Our tube laser, being fibre rather than CO2 based, is particularly proficient at cutting reflective surfaces resulting in blemish-free finishes. It is very effective in processing cold rolled tube, pre-galvanized steels, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and bronze. The finishes are clean, smooth and virtually any profile can be cut into the end of a tube or along its length – applications are in innovative jointing of steel tubes, office furniture manufacture, balustrades and other architectural applications are where this machine comes into its own.

    Laser technology has significantly simplified and optimized the production flow. In fact, laser cutting has replaced many of traditional operations with a single production stage which starts from the raw tube bundle and ends with the finished product, ready to be welded. One interesting feature of the laser systems is the “cut-bend” function. Where ‘v’ notches are cut into the tube allowing it to be bent by hand into the final structure from a single piece of tube. This function involves cutting precise notches on the tube, to perform different angles and multiple bends, thus obtaining one final work piece. In addition to simplifying the welding fixtures and the welding process, this function facilitates improved flow in the workshop, as only one piece of tube has to be handled resulting in significant time and cost savings. We work with the drawings provided by our customers. However, even if the customer has a clear idea of the final product and wants it to be made exactly to his drawings spec, they are receptive to any enhancements that can be done on our software/hardware to give him an even better end-product.

    New Possibilities – Cut-bends and Joints

    Aluminium Cutting