Tube Laser Cutting Services

Tube Laser Cutting Services

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    Tube Laser Cutting Services from Qinisa Steel Solutions


    Qinisa Steel Solutions offers comprehensive tube laser cutting services in Johannesburg. The value of our fibre tube laser to our customers lies in its clean, accurate cuts, the high processing speeds, and the fact that it can cut reflective surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminium, and copper. This makes it more flexible than traditional CO2 lasers and assists downstream manufacturing processes through clever jointing options, cleaner welds, and greater accuracy aided by its steel marking function. This allows for quicker final assembly, doing away with complex welding jigs, and results in significant all-around savings for our customers. 

    The BLM laser’s in-house software system, ArTube, is used to manage the cutting on the tube laser through computer numerical control (CNC). This software is compatible with STEP and IGES files, ensuring no errors in converting drawings to the final cut part. Entire component kits can be produced for our customers on the LT Fiber and delivered to their site, saving logistics and handling costs. 

    Virtually any shape can be machined onto the end of a tube or along its length as a fully automatic process. Traditional operations such as sawing, deburring, drilling, milling, punching, and notching can be eliminated from the manufacturing cycle with our tube laser cutting services in Johannesburg. Only one tool, the laser, is needed to perform all these operations in one cycle. New parts, prototypes, and design changes can be made with just a few minutes of programming on the CAD/CAM. 

    Our tube laser cutting services in Johannesburg include: 

    • Tube laser cutting 
    • Tube drilling 

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    Cutting Steel, Aluminium, Stainless, Brass, Copper

    Mild Steel – Cut-outs and Holes

    Stainless Steel Cutting Round Tube

    Brass Cutting